Organizations We've Helped

Organizations We’ve Helped

We’re passionate about helping youth have fun while engaging in healthy, physical activities, activities that may lead to future sports opportunities. There’s no greater feeling than seeing the joy in kids playing together and witnessing their development firsthand.

With the generosity from our partners, Yellowfin Youth Fund is able to support local schools and community programs through sponsorships, providing leadership direction, and assisting in securing sporting goods.

From soccer and track to basketball, lacrosse and flag football, we want to do as much as we can to give resources to youth who need it the most.

Plaistow Community YMCA

Every summer, the youth at Plaistow Community YMCA and Haverhill YMCA take day trips to a fishing pond in East Kingston, NH where they’re able to learn how to use fishing equipment and test the waters. We provide the equipment to ensure the kids have an experience to remember.

YMCA Haverhill

YYF sponsors the girls’ lacrosse program at Haverhill YMCA with new sporting gear and equipment. The girls are able to nurture their passion for the activity while developing new skills, and connections, in a team setting.

In addition to lacrosse goods, Good Sports is a generous donator of basketball and floor hockey equipment for the Haverhill YMCA.


YYF donates sporting equipment for Lynn YMCA. Youth are able to engage in various activities, giving them the chance to learn new sports, kindle friendships and develop valuable life skills that will last beyond the program.


Epiphany school balances creativity with extracurricular activity for its students. With YYF in partnership with Good Sports, Epiphany students are currently enjoying a range of physical fitness options this year, from soccer and track to strength training, yoga, and most recently, indoor spinning.

The track team will be receiving new cleats to run the fields. The girls’ basketball team is also having a remarkable season.

Special Thanks

Good Sports

Good Sports is a generous donator and partner that supplies brand new sports and fitness equipment to the organizations we work with. Because of Good Sports, we are able to equip kids with the sporting gear they need.

The excitement kids feel as they put on a new pair of cleats or bounce a new basketball is unparalleled. This alone impacts the youth’s experiences with physical activities, making them feel empowered and valued. We are grateful to have Good Sports as an official collaborator.

Yellowfin Group

Yellowfin Youth Fund is supported by Yellowfin Group, LLC. Yellowfin Group invests and operates hospitality properties that provide guest services, amenities and memorable experiences to its guests.

Riverview Capital Advisers

Yellowfin Youth Fund is supported by Riverview Capital Advisers, LLC. Riverview Capital is a wealth management, investment advisory and multifamily office, guiding individuals and families to long-term value and wealth.

Hawk Properties

Yellowfin Youth Fund is supported by Hawk Properties, LLC. Hawk Properties acquires and invests in commercial real estate throughout the East, Mid-atlantic and Floridian areas.

Supports fun and empowering opportunities where youth engage in physical activities while developing life skills, passions and friendships.