Activities and Sports










Some of our best experiences as children involved playing outside with friends or discovering a passion for something we didn’t know we had. That passion is what drives Yellowfin Youth Fund’s initiatives. We want young boys and girls to have the opportunity to learn different physical activities while learning about themselves and each other. Our goal is empower youth to feel empowered.


Yellowfin Youth Fund donates basketballs and sneakers to community programs, allowing kids to play in a team setting. Whether it’s playing a game of pick up basketball or having fun shooting around the court, we want to help give youth the opportunity and equipment to be active while spending time together.


Lacrosse is often a new sport for boys and girls to learn, making the experience that much more special and memorable. Our focus is on fun and creating an inviting environment to keep the kids as engaged as possible.


There’s nothing like putting on a new pair of track shoes to run the fields. YYF donates shoes and equipment to young boys and girls. They’re exposed to the ins and outs of track while getting the exercise they need to stay active.


During the warmer months, youth experience outdoor activities in new settings. One of these activities is fishing. YYF provides fishing rods, reels and other equipment, giving kids a chance to learn a new trade and sometimes sparking an interest that youth continue outside of the program.