Yellowfin Youth Fund

We support youth, our future leaders, to explore and follow their passions wherever they may lead.

Yellowfin Youth Fund

A community for youth to play sports and activities while learning about themselves and each other.

About Us

Yellowfin Youth Fund (YYF) is dedicated to helping boys and girls, ages 5-18, continue to develop valuable life skills.

We use a combination of activities and sports, so that the youth can explore a new activity, interact in a fun environment, and enhance their communication skills.

Once engaged, YYF beleives kids might develop a passion for a favorite activity or sport, which can lead to choosing to make a stronger comittment in the future, whether it be individually or as part of a team.

YYF supports fun and empowering opportunities where youth engage in physical activities while developing life skills, passions and friendships.



Organizations We’ve Helped

YMCA Plaistow

YMCA Haverhill